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Wormwood Review 95 -- Deluxe Edition Signed by Charles Bukowski with Drawing (48/70)

Wormwood Review 95 -- Deluxe Edition Signed by Charles Bukowski with Drawing (48/70)

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Published in 1984, this is the Deluxe edition of Wormwood 95, named Horses Don’t Bet On People & Neither Do I. It is signed by Charles Bukowski on the rear of the front cover with a drawing of his signature Little Man with a Bottle character.

On the colophon, it is numbered in letters: “forty eight”.

This copy is in Fine condition.

This is an all-Bukowski special issue spanning 44 pages containing 28 Poems, five of which remain uncollected.

The Poems include:

    Dog Fight
    American Literature II
    The Vampires
    My Soul Is Gone
    Independence Day
    Token Drunk
    The Other Room
    The Wavering Line
    Dead Dog
    Talking To The Barkeep
    There Are So Many Houses And Dark Streets Without Help
    The Payoff
    The Cats' Behinds
    A Boor
    Let It Go
    The Girls
    They Can Ruin Your Day
    Horses Don't Bet On People And Neither Do I
    Do You Use A Notebook?
    Kenyon Review, After The Sandstorm
    In My Day We Used To Call It Pussy-Whipped

Wormwood Review was published by the legendary Marvin Malone (1930-1996). Malone was a pharmacologist, scientific researcher, educator, artist, poetry collector, and editor. Upon arrival to Storrs, Connecticut in 1960, Malone discovered the second issue of Wormwood Review and soon took over the publication as the sole editor, publisher, and designer (alias A. Sypher), producing quarterly issues until his death in 1996.

Wormwood Review ran for 144 issues (1959-1997). Christa Malone, Marvin's daughter, co-edited issue 144 after Marvin's death, and released issue 145/146 as a special tribute issue to Marvin in 1999.

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