Why a book shop devoted to a single writer? Well, for one thing, I can’t think of another writer who could fill a shop. In addition to his books, there are broadsides, chapbooks, drawings and paintings, films, readings, and magazine appearances to collect. That last one is a huge part of our catalog, with over 300 journals that Bukowski appeared in. And on the conservative side, that probably represents only 20 percent of the magazines where he was published.

My catalog reflects my own interest as a collector, with less emphasis on the Black Sparrow editions in favor of what got him there. After all, the Black Sparrow editions are not made up of poems he wrote specifically for a particular title. Rather, the Black Sparrow poetry and short story books are simply collections of works Bukowski previously published elsewhere.

This shouldn’t take away from the beautiful books Black Sparrow Press created, not only for Bukowski but other writers as well. Rather, the catalog provides a much fuller picture of Bukowski’s career as a whole.

I’m glad you’re here and I hope you’ll visit regularly. I’ve done my best to tell the history of every piece in our catalog. Even if you have no intention of purchasing, I hope you’ll find the descriptions and photographs valuable enough to want to learn more.

Just because I’m a seller now does not take away from any of the enthusiasm I’ve felt in my years of collecting. I’m not an expert on much in life, but I am an expert on Bukowski’s work and there is nothing more I love than sharing that enthusiasm with others.

Drop me a line sometime.

Mike Sharon
Buk Seller