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Canadian Promotional Poster for Charles Bukowski Novel Women

Canadian Promotional Poster for Charles Bukowski Novel Women

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This is an uncommon Canadian promotional poster for Charles Bukowski’s novel, Women.

The poster was produced by LPGE Small Press Distribution, Sutton West, Ontario, Canada.

I have not heard of LPGE before, but Sutton West and its Paget Press imprint had a partnership with Black Sparrow Press and also published their own Bukowski books, such as the first edition of Barfly, The Day It Snowed in LA, and The Bukowski/Purdy Letters.

The photograph on the poster is credited to Ulvis Alberts and Joan Levine. There is some controversy about who actually took this legendary photograph, with many believing it was Alberts.

The poster lists the price of the book in Canadian Dollars: "(paper) $7.00, (cloth) $19.50, (signed cloth) $24.50". The designer made clever placements of the Black Sparrow Press logo and Bukowski’s first name.

The poster is printed on non-glossy paper and measures 17.5" x 25".

Other than having the original folds, the poster is in Very Fine condition.

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