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Wormwood Review 53 #483/700 – 55 Beds In The Same Direction Special Charles Bukowski Section (1974)

Wormwood Review 53 #483/700 – 55 Beds In The Same Direction Special Charles Bukowski Section (1974)

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If you’re a Bukowski collector and you have not purchased the Wormwood Review special issues, time is not on your side. These get harder to find and more expensive all the time.

Charles Bukowski always felt Wormwood Review was the best small magazine out there and was grateful that they were one of the first to recognize his work. In return, Bukowski continued to contribute to the magazine right up until his death in 1994.

Published in 1974, Wormwood 53 contains a special Charles Bukowski section, “55 Beds In The Same Direction.” Only 700 copies were produced, this being #483.

This copy is in Very Good+ condition with some ink staining to the covers.

This issue contains nine Bukowski poems, seven of which were never published again.

200 Years - pg. 14
Finish - pg. 16
55 Beds In The Same Direction - pg. 18
Well, Now That Ezra Has Died - pg. 21
Tarot - pg. 22
Eleven - pg. 23
No Bra, No Panties - pg. 24
A Bit Of Light For The Toad - pg. 26
Demise - pg. 28
Finish, Tarot, Eleven, No Bra, No Panties, and A Bit Of Light For The Toad have yet to be published again.

55 Beds In The Same Direction and Well and Now That Ezra Has Died would appear in Storm for the Living and the Dead (2017), 200 Years would appear in Come On In! (2006), and Demise would appear in What Matters Most Is How Well You Walk Through The Fire (1999).

Wormwood Review was published by the legendary Marvin Malone (1930-1996). Malone was a pharmacologist, scientific researcher, educator, artist, poetry collector, and editor. Upon arrival to Storrs, Connecticut in 1960, Malone discovered the second issue of Wormwood Review and soon took over the publication as the sole editor, publisher, and designer (alias A. Sypher), producing quarterly issues until his death in 1996.

Wormwood Review ran for 144 issues (1959-1997). Christa Malone, Marvin's daughter, co-edited issue 144 after Marvin's death, and released issue 145/146 as a special tribute issue to Marvin in 1999.

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