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Unopened, Three Additional Poems in Charles Bukowski in Hamburg (1978)

Unopened, Three Additional Poems in Charles Bukowski in Hamburg (1978)

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Shot in 1987 by director Thomas Schmitt in Hamburg, Germany, “Charles Bukowski in Hamburg” features footage of Bukowski during his first trip to Europe. The film captures Bukowski wandering the streets of the Hanseatic city, as well as footage of the full reading he did in Hamburg on May 5, 1978.

The film became quietly available in 2015 with no commercial release. It is not widely available in the United States and most of the information on the internet is in German.

Previously, there were only two audio recordings of the reading, including Hello, It's good to be back (1978) and Solid Citizen CD (2004). Schmitt’s footage Includes three poems not on any audio releases:

An Exaggeration
Girls Coming Home

An Exaggeration has yet to be collected in any Bukowski books.

This copy is brand new in the original unopened shrink wrap.

From the publisher:
Hello, it's good to be back! When Charles Bukowski came to Germany in May 1978, he only wanted to perform a single reading. This took place in the Hamburg "Markthalle", where otherwise the hot newcomers of the rock scene entered on stage, over 1,200 fans, opponents, curious, rockers, representatives of the culture shickeria and groupies. And within reach of a fridge that constantly supplies him with fresh drinks. The documentary filmer Thomas Schmitt accompanied Bukowski with the camera through the Hanseatic city, was with the appearance and moved the visitor with the words "Hello, it's good to be back!" began its first and only German appearance. This results in a multi-faceted portrait of the Dirty Old Man, which is rounded off on this DVD by a second Thomas Schmitt-documentation with exclusive private recordings of Charles Bukowski's 70th birthday. "It went like a rock concert, the Rolling Stone amazed at the first and only reading Charles Bukowski in Germany. "Good luck that this only reading was recorded in Germany on May 18, 1978. Because there were 1,200 people in the room, a witch cauldro... Above all, the intense and heated reading makes it clear how important the listeners of this literary freak from the USA and how important the literates of the Beat generation the performance, reading was its appearance" (Radio Bremen). R. Thomas Schmitt "The audience in Hamburg was funny. When I present them a poem to laugh, they laugh, but when I proved them a serious, there was strong applause. A truly different culture" (Charles Bukowski). "Bukowski's poems are compressed short stories, and they always act of a moment of truth" (Jörg Fauser). Spr. :D/E Sub: Interview D 78 minutes. FSK 12 PAL Two thousand edition. 2017 DVD

Poems read:

  • An Exaggeration Audio
  • Free Audio
  • Hot Dog Audio
  • An Observer Audio
  • Chilled Audio
  • You Can't Make A Lion Out Of A Butterfly Audio
  • Some People Audio
  • The White Poets Audio
  • The Black Poets Audio
  • Looking For A Job Audio
  • The Life Of Borodin Audio
  • Hot Audio
  • Another Academy Audio
  • I Met A Genius Audio
  • The Bones Of My Uncle Audio
  • The Fisherman Audio
  • When Hugo Wolf Went Mad Audio
  • Footnote Upon The Construction Of The Masses Audio
  • Footnote Upon The Construction Of The Masses Audio
  • The Flower Lover Audio
  • Love & Fame & Death Audio
  • I've Always Had Trouble With Money Audio
  • I've Always Had Trouble With Money Audio
  • The Place Didn't Look Bad Audio
  • Girls Coming Home Audio
  • One For The Shoeshine Man Audio
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