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The Last Straw: Bukowski’s Final Public Reading

The Last Straw: Bukowski’s Final Public Reading

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This is a DVD of what would be Charles Bukowski’s final reading.

On March 31, 1980, Bukowski did a local reading in Redondo Beach, California, at the Sweetwater Café. No one knew it at the time, maybe not even Bukowski himself, but this would be his final public reading.

Release in by Monday Media, this DVD captures the raucous event on film, with a happy, well-composed Bukowski actively interacting with the audience while drinking bottles of German wine.

The reason behind the reading was to promote the new Bukowski album “Bukowski Reads His Poetry”, which was released by Tacoma records in 1980.

The DVD does not appear to have scratches and should play as if new. It comes in a high-quality case, with tough plastic and a button that releases the CD from the case.

Note: Should any used CD or DVD recording have issues while playing, I will refund your money and you can keep the CD/DVD.

The reading list includes:

  • Eighteen (excerpt from "Short Non-Moon Shots to Nowhere")
  • Soup, Cosmos And Tears
  • I Think Of The Little Men
  • Like That
  • Another Academy
  • My Father
  • The Lesbian
  • The Night I Killed Tommy
  • A Last Shot On Two Good Horses
  • Drawing Of A Band Concert On A Matchbox
  • Kaakaa And Other Immolations
  • I Wanted To Overthrow The Government But All I Brought Down Was Somebody's Wife
  • Fire Station (For Jane, With Love)
  • Something For The Touts, The Nuns, The Grocery Clerks And You
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