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Special Bukowski Issue: Inscribed by Bukowski to Liza Williams

Special Bukowski Issue: Inscribed by Bukowski to Liza Williams

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Published in 1973, Second Coming VOL II, NO III, was dedicated entirely to Bukowski.

This is the Special Charles Bukowski Issue with Poems, Letters, Essays and Short Stories by Bukowski and commentary from friends and associates, including detractors.

This copy is profusely inscribed to then-girlfriend Liza Williams on the inside of the front cover. Bukowski also adds a bit of wisdom:



On the opposite title page, Bukowski has added drawings of his little man, the sun, a bird, a flower, and four dogs.

It also appears that Willima added “Liza” between the inscription and wisdom.

Liza Willimas was an on-again/off-again girlfriend of Bukowski, but mainly served as a foil between himself and Linda King during their tumultuous relationship. Bukowski told King of his relationship with Liza and both women knew about each other.

One of the things Bukowski enjoyed about Willimas was that she was a very accomplished woman during the late 1960s and 1970s. They met because both wrote for Open City and the LA Free Press. She later became an executive at Island Records and owned a home on Tuxedo Terrace in the Hollywood Hills. She held many parties there with well-known personalities that Bukowski attended, but was not a friendly guest to most, the exception being Robert Crumb.

What Bukowski did like to do at the house was lie around all day in bed watching her color television set. The two made a visit to Catalina at Williams’ expense, but Bukowski spent most of the time in their nice hotel room getting drunk and writing while Willimas hit the town. Bukowski wrote about the trip and several other stories involving Willimas before he included her as DeeDee Bronson in his Novel, Women.

This copy has some toning to the covers. The front flap was opened too hard at one point and feels a bit loose, but is solidly secure. Having seen many copies of this issue, I’d grade it Near Fine-minus.

This issue captures Bukowski right at the moment he begins to finally get some notoriety for his writing. He’s fighting with Harold Norse who thinks Bukowski sabotaged his career. He’s quarrelling with his lover Linda King, who hates him but can’t get enough of

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