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Sisyphus Leaves -- Five Uncollected Poems (10 Poems Total) in Sisyphus Leaves (1992)

Sisyphus Leaves -- Five Uncollected Poems (10 Poems Total) in Sisyphus Leaves (1992)

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Published in 1992, Sisyphus Leaves (also (Sisyphus 2) is a fine collection of poems by three great writers with very similar styles. It is also illustrated throughout with cartoons by Andrew Goodwin.

The chapbook features poems by Charles Bukowski, Steve Richmond and Douglas Goodwin. One third of the chapbook is dedicated to Bukowski, who contributes 10 poems, five of which are uncollected and the rest appearing in posthumous books.

This copy includes a hand-signed letter from Douglas Goodwin to Sam Smith thanking him for purchasing the book.

The poems include:

hail the burning yellow flag
20 bucks
i used to feel sorry for Henry Miller
screwed within the universe
the 12 hour night
the shifting

Hail The Burning Yellow Flag, Loss, 12 Hour Night, Toenails, and The Shifting have yet to be published again.

Old, 20 Bucks, and Madness were collected in Come On In! (2002).

I Used To Feel Sorry For Henry Miller appeared in What Matters Most Is How Well You Walk Through The Fire (1999).

Screwed Within The Universe appeared in Sifting Through the Madness for the Word (2002).

Steve Richmond was a good friend and a contemporary of Bukowski. Bukowski wrote the intro to his book Hitler Painted Roses and the two collaborated on several other projects. This book starts off with Richmond ranting about "Chukowski's" rise in fame and wealth -- and his lack there of.

Douglas Goodwin was a more modern poet who was popular in the 1980s and early 1990s. Bukowski was a fan and wrote the intro for his chapbook, Half Memory of a Distant Life.

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