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Signed by Rotraut S Berner: Einmal New Orleans Und Zuruck

Signed by Rotraut S Berner: Einmal New Orleans Und Zuruck

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Translated, Einmal New Orleans Und Zuruck means Once New Orleans And Back – well, according to Google anyway.

I don’t read German, so I haven’t read this book. But every picture tells a story:

Bukowski goes to New Orleans to write last-minute poems for Crucifix in a Deathhand and to meet Jon and Louise Webb. Bukowski stays with a woman who is friends of the Webbs. Bukowski goes to bars. Bukowski signs his signature to pages for the upcoming book. Bukowski seduces the woman he is staying with. Bukowski goes to bars. Bukowski is taking a piss in an alley when a weirdo asks if he is Charles Bukowski. Bukowski goes home to Los Angeles.

The artist behind these beautiful prints is Rotraut S Berner, who has signed this copy of the book. She is a well-known illustrator of childrens books, especially for her Wimmelbilderbuch series.

According to Wikipedia,Berner has illustrated more than 80 books and designed over 800 book covers. For her contribution as a children's illustrator Berner was a finalist for the biennial, international Hans Christian Andersen Award in 2002, 2004, and 2014 -- finally winning it in 2016.

This copy is in Near Fine condition with some scuff marks to the covers that are only seen when titling the book in light.

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