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Signed by Charles Bukowski: Pig in a Pamphlet 12 (1985)

Signed by Charles Bukowski: Pig in a Pamphlet 12 (1985)

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In the mid-1980s, Harry Calhoun ran Pig in a Poke Press out of Pittsburg, PA.

In 1985, he decided to put out a single volume of Charles Bukowski’s work titled, Pig in a Pamphlet 12: “then I gave up and started drinking heavily.”

While Bukowski agreed to the chapbook, his editor John Martin did not and threatened legal action if Calhoun did not stop selling the publication. In the end, the Martin purchased half the run, some of which he sent to Bukowski to sign.

Martin’s interference happened several times in the mid-1980s, with books such as Going Modern and Relentless as the Tarantula. The result was to make this chapbook more rare than it should have been.

This copy is in Fine condition.

The poems included are:

The Magic Machine
A Tragic Meeting

Although the quality is primitive, this is a fun Bukowski chapbook to add to your collection.

NOTE: The signature on the front is printed. Some sellers don’t realize that, so don’t buy one thinking it’s wet signed.

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