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Signed by Bukowski and Al Fogel: Under the Influence, Contributor Copy (1/12)

Signed by Bukowski and Al Fogel: Under the Influence, Contributor Copy (1/12)

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Published by the legendary Jeffrey Weinberg of Water Row books, this is a very special copy of Under the Influence.

It is signed by Charles Bukowski (with his classic Little Man with a Bottle) and legendary Bukowski collector and bibliographer Al Fogel. It is of 12 Contributor Copies that were “bound in leather and marble boards by Tabula Rasa Press, Los Osos, CA.”

Signed or not, this is undoubtedly the finest catalog ever produced of Charles Bukowski’s work. It lists 335 Bukowski works with period prices from 1984.

But this “catalog” is much, much more than a listing of books.

Charles Bukowski not only approved of the catalog, but contributed to it with four full-page original drawings and the first appearance of the poem, About A Non-Typing Night. The poem is printed in the form of a hand-written facsimile. There are also nine photographs by Bukowski’s personal photographer, Michael Montfort.

It also includes an introduction by Fogel, which will make you want to be a Bukowski collector yourself.

Tipped in is a postcard size cut-out from the cover featuring Bukowski’s photograph.

In all versions, only 300 copies were produced.

This copy is in Fine condition.

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