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Signed by Ann Menebroker: Surviving Bukowski; The Relationship Between Ann Menebroker and Charles Bukowski.

Signed by Ann Menebroker: Surviving Bukowski; The Relationship Between Ann Menebroker and Charles Bukowski.

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As this title suggests, this memoir was about the author’s (non-sexual) relationship with Bukowski. It was published in 1998 by Red Cedar Press and editor Roger W. Langton.

It has a stapled binding and runs 44 pages in printed wraps.

Surprisingly, you’ll find very little information on the internet about Ann Menebroker, but she was an accomplished, widely published poet who shared many of the same pages in poetry journals with Bukowski. There are also 11 chapbooks on Amazon with her work.

She and Bukowski had a very active correspondence beginning on May 10, 1962 when she was still Ann Bauman (before her Marriage). The last letter I know of is from August 8, 1967. The two did meet once for a weekend in San Bernardino, California. Bukowski did show affection for her during the visit, but it’s unclear whether it went further than that.

Ann Menebroker must have meant something to Bukowski: He dedicated the book South by No North to her when it was published 1973.

This copy is in Near Fine condition and is signed by Menebroker on the first leaf.

Below is a post editor Roger W. Langton made on the Bukowski Forum on July 2, 2012, regarding the book.

“I am the editor of Surviving Bukowski. 50 copies of the chapbook were published. John Martin gave me full permission to publish the Bukowski letters which, up to that point, were unpublished. The chapbook is not a memoir, just a series of quotes from letters written by Ann, my cousin, to me during the 60s and 90s… The chapbook was published after Bukowski's death. Buk dedicated South of no West to Ann Menebroker. Since nothing has been written about their relationship, I thought it the work would add a little bit to the knowledge about Buk. How the chapbook is evaluated is up to those who read it and very few have. In fact, only 35 copies were distributed the rest are in my possession. Ann signed some of the copies. I have the first one she signed. I gave my copies to people who I thought would appreciate them. I have made no effort to sell the ones I have left. Yes, it is very rare. I have nothing to do with the price people are willing to pay, that is up to them.”

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