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Too Powerful a Thing to Reject: Signed by Abel Debritto (1/25)

Too Powerful a Thing to Reject: Signed by Abel Debritto (1/25)

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Abel Debritto is undoubtedly the leading scholar on Charles Bukowski. He has written several papers and his work has appeared in several publications.

His ground-breaking book, “Charles Bukowski, King of the Underground: From Obscurity to Literary Icon”, is a study on Bukowski’s appearances in small magazines from the late 1950s to 1970. The amount of detail provided from those is unparalleled and the research unmatched. It’s the type of book a Bukowski reads twice-a-row when they first get the book, then revisit it on an annual basis.

This is a beautiful book published by Chance Press in 2010. It is one of 25 copies in a hardcover format that are signed by Debritto. The craftmanship shown in the book’s design and execution is magnificent.

This copy is as New.

From the Publisher:
Presenting the first book published under our new imprint, Chance Press Research: Abel Debritto’s Too Powerful a Thing to Reject: Charles Bukowski’s Transition Years, 1945-1957. While a book on Bukowski, perhaps the most widely-published and prolific poet of the 20th Century, doesn’t immediately align with Chance Press Research’s goals of exploring forgotten or underappreciated literature, the early years of his writing career are almost universally misunderstood, due in no small part to Bukowski’s own self-aggrandizing myths (especially his “ten year drunk,” during which he supposedly did no writing at all). Debritto, a noted Bukowski scholar and bibliographer, has done more research than many knew was possible on this subject, and he delivers an authoritative account of Bukowski’s years of transition from literary obscurity to literary celebrity. Excerpted and adapted from his Doctoral dissertation on Bukowski, this material is made available to the non-academic public for the first time in this release.

Too Powerful a Thing to Reject is a hand-sewn single-signature chapbook. The trade edition covers are Gocco-printed onto vellum cardstock wrappers, and the text is on Hammermill heavyweight color copy paper. Signed copies include a signed bookplate tipped inside the front cover.

Limited to 50 trade copies and 25 signed copies.

Signed by Abel Debritto (1/25):

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