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Run with the Hunted -- Midwest Poetry Chapbooks (1962)

Run with the Hunted -- Midwest Poetry Chapbooks (1962)

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“Run with the Hunted” was published in 1962 by Midwest Poetry Chapbooks out of Chicago. It is considered Bukowski’s third book and only 300 copies were published.

“Run with the Hunted” was edited by R.R. Cuscaden, an early proponent of Bukowski’s work. Cuscaden and Ron Offen were co-editors of Odyssey: Explorations in contemporary poetry and the arts from 1958-1959. Vol. 11, No. 1, of the magazine (1959) featured the Bukowski poems I Live Too Near The Slaughterhouse and When Hugo Wolf Went Mad. The later is considered one of Bukowski’s greatest works, appearing in five Bukowski books and captured on four recordings.

Cuscaden and Offen were also co-editors of Midwest. Bukowski appeared in four issues of the magazine between 1961 and 1964. Later Offen, along with Jay Robert Nash,  would publish Bukowski’s Cold Dogs in the Courtyard in 1965 under the imprint Cyfoeth, Chicago Literary Times.

This copy is in Near Fine-minus condition. The cover has separated from the top staple, but the cover but the cover itself is secure. The bottom staple is slightly oxidized. There’s a touch of sunning near the spine, an attribute I’ve seen in several copies. I have a feeling it may have more to do with the ink being stretched when folded, rather than actual sunning.

There are bumps on the right corners, the top impacting the pages slightly. There are small bumps on the top and bottom of the spine and a crease emanating from the spine that impacts the cover and title page. There’s a small bleed from the printing process that is visible on the bottom of the title page and the last page. I’ve seen this previously on two other copies.

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