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Purr 2 -- Two Uncollected Poems by Charles Bukowski (1975)

Purr 2 -- Two Uncollected Poems by Charles Bukowski (1975)

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Published in 1975, Purr 2 features the only appearance of two Bukowski poems:

It Works Like Liquid Snot Coming Out Of Fire Hoses
My Lucky Friend

The poems have yet to be published again.

Bukowski also contributes a couple of drawings.

Contributors include Lyn Lifshin, Jack Micheline, Nila Northsun, LaRae William, Neeli Cherry, et al.

Purr was published by Linds King, Bukowski’s on-again/-off again/on-again/off-again girlfriend in the early 1970s. The two were in a volatile, intense romance that was later captured in the Bukowski’s novel Women.

Bukowski would appear in Purr issues 1,2,3 and 5.

This copy is in Very Good ++ condition with minor wear and sunning to the covers, and some small bumps.

Overall, a solid copy of this poetry journal published out of King’s apartment on Edgewater Terrace in Los Angeles.

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