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Print from Ham on Rye (#1/100): Prototype Press Edition

Print from Ham on Rye (#1/100): Prototype Press Edition

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This beautiful print of Bukowski drinking a beer comes from an amazing project that rivals those of LouJon Press.

In the winter of 2015, The Prototype Press began creating a letterpress printed, hand bound edition of the Charles Bukowski novel Ham on Rye. Due to the length and physical size of the book, it was cast and printed in two parts, with the first half melted down in order to cast the second. Printing was completed in the fall of 2017. Only 52 copies were printed.

The prints to illustrate the book, including the end sheets, were printed in-house from the carved wood blocks of Sean StarWars. Behind the illustrations, printed in black, are three tint blocks in Cyan, Magenta and Yellow.

The Prototype Press offered this print in an edition of 100 copies. Since I couldn’t afford the book itself (hopefully some day…), I decided to purchase the print to support the press and it happened to be #1/100.

Copies of this print are still available through The Prototype Press for $50 and highly encourage you to purchase it directly from them. I am selling this copy for a bit more simply because it is #1.

You’ll also find the lengthier description and photographs of the Ham on Rye edition fascinating.

Finally, I discovered this book through an even more amazing film called The Book Makers from InCA Productions that features many more book makers whose designs and craftmanship will blow you away. Their individual stories are also fascinating.

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