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Poems & Insults Vinyl LP and Original Flyer for 1973 Bukowski Reading at City Lights Poets Theater

Poems & Insults Vinyl LP and Original Flyer for 1973 Bukowski Reading at City Lights Poets Theater

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This is a famous/infamous reading/performance that took place on Sept. 14, 1973, at City Lights Poets Theater in San Francisco.

Included here is the vinyl LP of the recording, titled Poems and Insults, and an original Flyer for the event. It was edited by Coast Recording and Columbia Recording, both in San Francisco. The cover photo was taken by Edmund Shea and the record was produced by Joe Wolberg, the general manager of City Lights at the time.

Also included is the flyer for the event, presumably issued by Lawrence Ferlinghetti and City Lights Books, who promoted the event. I have no documentation to prove this is not a reproduction, but I’m 99% sure it’s original. First of all, it’s printed on very thin paper – almost like cheap wrapping paper. If someone were to do a repro, I don’t think they would use paper like this.

The flyer measures approximately 10.25” x 6.75”. Although it was extremely well preserved by somebody, light toning is visible on the top edge. Still, I doubt there’s a better copy out these, all things considered.

I don’t have the expertise to grade records, but here’s my description. There is scuffing around all four edges. The covers have some rubbing to and there’s a faint ring from the records. There’s tear on the right side of the sleeve and the record pooped through the opposite side at some point. I see a couple of faint scratches on the record itself, but it should play fine. The rest of the record looks almost new.

Here is the reading list:

  • The Creation Of The Morning Line Audio
  • Death Audio
  • The Sex Fiends Audio
  • Love Audio
  • Piss And Shit Audio
  • The Death Of An Idiot Audio
  • Style Audio
  • Law Audio
  • My Friend, Andre Audio
  • The Best Love Poem I Can Write at the Moment Audio
  • The World's Greatest Loser Audio
  • The Last Days Of The Suicide Kid Audio
  • The Shower Audio
  • Hot Audio
  • Earthquake Audio
  • The Rat Audio
  • The Shoelace Audio
  • 18 Cars Full Of Men Thinking Of What Could Have Been Audio

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