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Poem For Dante Featuring Bukowski Portrait (#7/150)

Poem For Dante Featuring Bukowski Portrait (#7/150)

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This beautifully produced package was produced in 2017 by Tangerine Press out of London, England.

There were 176 numbered and lettered copies produced, this on being hand-numbered #7/150.

Featuring poem for Dante, the package consists of a broadside printed on heavy stock measuring approximately 6.5” by 10”.

Measuring the same size is a portrait of Bukowski by the acclaimed Dutch-born artist Christoph Mueller. It is very well produced and printed on heavy stock.

 Also included is a separate sheet (6.75” x 4.5) with a description of all the production information.

The entire package is housed in an envelope made of heavy stock with gold-embossed lettering & graphics.

This copy is in Fine condition.

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