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Miniature Chapbook for Roll the Dice (2017)

Miniature Chapbook for Roll the Dice (2017)

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This is a miniature chapbook featuring the Charles Bukowski poem, roll the dice.

This appears to be the second edition of the miniature chapbook first published in in March 2001.

It is part of the “POEMS-FOR-ALL” series, this time out of San Pedro, California, instead of Sacramento, California. Like the 2001 version, it is also listed as volume No. 5 in the series.

To me, this one has a much more attractive cover that almost feels like it’s a lenticular.

It consists of two sheets, printed on both sides, to make four pages.

The book and interior pages measure approximately 2” x 1.75”, secured by a single staple.

This copy is in Mint condition.

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