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Magazine 3 -- One Letter from Charles Bukowski (1966)

Magazine 3 -- One Letter from Charles Bukowski (1966)

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Published in 1966, Magazine 3 featured a long, two-page letter titled, A Letter From L.A.

The letter is mainly about writing, but he mentions his recent hospital stay and the Watts Riots. The main focus is on a review he did for Steppenwolf on John William Corrington’s latest book and the subsequent fall out. Bukowski had a long-running early correspondence with Corrington, but they would soon part ways.

Magazine 3 was produced by Kirby Congdon, with whom Bukowski also had an early correspondence. In addition to being an Army sharpshooter in Europe during WWII, Congdon was a motorcycle enthusiast and leather fetishist, as well as the first poet laureate of Key West, Florida.

Contributors include Kirby Congdon, Barbara A. Holland, Diane Wakoski, Charles Bukowski, Clarence Major, Walter Lowenfels and others.

This copy is in Very Good condition. It’s in great shape, but the front cover has ripped from the rest of the magazine. The binding is also solid, although the back cover may be next to come off.

A very readable copy of this issue published out of Village Station, New York.

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