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Los Angeles – Andernach, Bukowski Letters in Both English and German

Los Angeles – Andernach, Bukowski Letters in Both English and German

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This great little hardcover chapbook was published by the Charles Bukowski Society on the 10th anniversary of his death in 2004.

Charles Bukowski was  born on August 16, 1920, in Andernach, Germany. His family immigrated to the United States when was two years old.

Bukowski’s mother had died on December 24, 1956, so it came as a surprise to hear from his sister’s brother sometime after May 1964. (There is not a date on the initial letter from his uncle, but he refers to 5124 DeLongpre Avenue as his new address.)

The remaining letters of correspondence date from December 20, 1965, to May 17, 1982.

Bukowski’s original letters are presented as facsimiles and on the opposite page they are translated in German.

Perhaps in part because he was named after his uncle (Heinrich Karl Bukowski), the two struck up a friendship and corresponded over the years. The two would also meet in person during Bukowski’s first trip to Europe for a reading in Hamburg, Germany, in May 1978.

This is a great little chapbook, showing us a side of Bukowski we might not otherwise be privileged to. Since Bukowski had no warm feelings for either his mother or his father (who died December 4, 1958), this is the only view we have of Bukowski interacting with family.

This copy is in New condition.

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