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Limited Edition #40/100: X-RAY FOTOPOJEECT NO. 1, POOP

Limited Edition #40/100: X-RAY FOTOPOJEECT NO. 1, POOP

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This is a beautiful portfolio of photographs produced by the legendary Johnny Brewton and his X-Ray Book Co. Brewton has published over a dozen of Bukowski’s works since 1995, as well as other artists and musicians, such as Tom Waits.

This copy also comes with a promo postcard with a photo on the front.

Published in 2012 as X-RAY FOTOPOJEECT NO. 1, POOP consists of 13 color 5 x 7 photographs of Charles Bukowski by Michael Montfort, each individually wrapped in plastic. It also includes a letterpress broadside of the previously unpublished poem POOP, which unraveled measures 24" x 5".

The entire set is contained in a beautiful 6” x 8.75” box set, this one #40/100 copies. The design and assembly credited to Johnny Brewton and it was printed by Verdant Press & Toxic Coyote.

There is a printed sheet containing a forward previously written by Bukowski about Montfort dated 8-10-87.

A separate card contains an afterward by Gerry Locklin dated 9-7-03.

The box and its contents are all in Fine condition.

Note: The photographs of the contents are from a different copy.

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