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Limited (1/100): Carl Weissner, Charles Bukowski's Secret Agent

Limited (1/100): Carl Weissner, Charles Bukowski's Secret Agent

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Here’s another great chapbook from Kevin Ring’s legendary Beat Scene Press out of Coventry, England.

In this chapbook, Kevin Ring interviews Carl Weissner, best know as being a translator of Bukowski’s work in German. But Weissner was much, much more than that. After lackluster translations on two books, Weissner was able to help Bukowski break through and establish an enormous audience in Germany.

Much is said of John Martin’s role in promoting Bukowski and helping him financially, but during those same early years, Weissner generated much more wealth for Bukowski through enormous sales. He also acted as Bukowski’s business agent in Germany, helping to negotiate contracts while Bukowski helped tame Martin’s royalty expectations.

A big credit to Kevin Ring for helping to tell the story of a man who played a very important role in Bukowski’s career.

An excellent read for collectors and scholars alike.

Though not numbered, this is only one of 100 copies published and is in Mint condition.

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