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I Saw a Tramp Last Night – Variant Hand-Numbered 4

I Saw a Tramp Last Night – Variant Hand-Numbered 4

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Here’s another beautifully produced broadside by the legendary Bill Roberts and his Bottle of Smoke Press. Bottle of Smoke Press has produced eight Bukowski broadsides since 2003, as well as countless other artists.

Personally, this poem is one of my Top 5 Bukowski poems. It may be short, but it packs as much punch as any long poem Bukowski wrote.

This is a variant version hand-numbered 4 by Bill Roberts. This variant uses what looks like textured paper with raised/embossed pulp grains as part of the printing. It’s extremely attractive. This variant does not include imprint or limitation information on the back.

What’s kind of amazing to me is that it first appeared in Scimitar And Song in July, 1960, and may have never been seen again until Bill found it. The broadside was published in 2009, the same year it appeared in The Continual Condition.

This copy is in Mint condition.

Please see my listings for other variant copies Bill also produced.

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