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Hostage: Sweetwater in Redondo Beach, CA, March 31, 1980

Hostage: Sweetwater in Redondo Beach, CA, March 31, 1980

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This recording was released by Rhino in 1985, which was a major record label at the time. This is a reissue from Word Beat in 1994.

This was to be Bukowski’s final public reading, taking place at the Sweetwater in Redondo Beach, California, on March 31, 1980.

The reason behind the reading was to promote the new Bukowski album “Bukowski Reads His Poetry”, which was released by Tacoma records in 1980.

This copy is in nice condition. There are light scratches to the CD case and CD itself looks very clean. The packaging is also in nice condition, with the usual edgewear and wear from removing it from the CD case and putting it back.

The Poems include:

  • Jam
  • What Have I Seen?
  • Trouble
  • Eating The Father
  • Competition
  • The Secret Of My Endurance
  • On The Hustle
  • I Am A Reasonable Man
  • The Beast
  • Hemingway
  • Fan Letter
  • The Drunk With The Little Legs
  • Tour
  • A Poetry Reading
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