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Hardcover Bohemian New Orleans, The Story of the Outsider and LouJon Press, with documentary DVD, The Outsiders of New Orleans: LouJon Press

Hardcover Bohemian New Orleans, The Story of the Outsider and LouJon Press, with documentary DVD, The Outsiders of New Orleans: LouJon Press

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Hardcover Bohemian New Orleans, The Story of the Outsider and LouJon Press, with documentary DVD, The Outsiders of New Orleans: LouJon Press.

Unless you really want to dig deeper, this scholarly book and remarkable documentary should make you an expert on the achievements of the legendary LouJon Press.

Published in 2007 by the University Press of Mississippi, this is the more uncommon hardcover first edition of this landmark book, “Bohemian New Orleans: The Story of the Outsider and LouJon Press,” by Jeff Weddle.  As with most university books, the hardcover was released first at a much higher price because students had to pay for it in order to take a class.

This groundbreaking book was the first to tell the entire story of LouJon Press and its founders Jon and Louise Webb.

This package also includes a DVD of the documentary, The Outsiders of New Orleans: LouJon Press. This 2007 documentary introduces you to Louise “Gypsy Lou” Webb, who is in her 90s at the time of the filming, but still is sharp enough to tell some great tales of the press. Gypsy Lou was a well-known character in The Quarter, selling paintings to tourists as the Webbs sole income while producing Outsider Magazine and two books by Bukowski and two by Hency Miller.

The hardcover book and jacket are in Near Fine + condition and the DVD is still in the original shrink wrap.

As it directly relates to Bukowski, Loujon Press was responsible for transforming Bukowski into an established writer, even if fame wouldn’t occur until years later. They published Bukowski’s first true books, “It Catches My Heart In Its Hands” (1963) and “Crucifix in a Deathhand” (1965). These books are true works of art in and of themselves. The detail, the printing methods, the craftsmanship, and the pure insanity it took to embark on these endeavors was as unparalleled then and as it is today.

The Webbs also published Outsider magazine, which became the standard for poetry journals at the time. No other publication attracted nearly the talent that appeared in its pages and the production value of the magazine itself was unrivaled. Bukowski appeared in all four issues, with a large collection of poems in Outsider 1 (1961) and as the named “Outside of the Year” in Outsider 3 (1963), featuring Bukowski on the cover and a large center section.

But the LouJon Press story is much bigger than Bukowski, and author Jeff Weddle does a brilliant job documenting the history of the press and its oddball founders. This book does not have the dryness found in most university research publications. Weddle draws you in by crafting an intriguing, compelling, and entertaining story line. He is a natural storyteller.

From the Publisher: Bohemian New Orleans, The Story of the Outsider and LouJon Press
Winner of the 2007 Welty Prize

In 1960, Jon Edgar and Louise “Gypsy Lou” Webb founded Loujon Press on Royal Street in New Orleans’s French Quarter. The small publishing house quickly became a giant. Heralded by the Village Voice and the New York Times as one of the best of its day, the Outsider, the press’s literary review, featured, among others, Charles Bukowski, Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Robert Creeley, Denise Levertov, and Walter Lowenfels. Loujon published books by Henry Miller and two early poetry collections by Bukowski.

Bohemian New Orleans traces the development of this courageous imprint and examines its place within the small press revolution of the 1960s.

Drawing on correspondence from many who were published in the Outsider, back issues of the Outsider, contemporary reviews, promotional materials, and interviews, Jeff Weddle shows how the press’s mandarin insistence on production quality and its eclectic editorial taste made its work nonpareil among peers in the underground. Throughout, Bohemian New Orleans reveals the messy, complex, and vagabond spirit of a lost literary age.


"Weddle . . . has written an excellent book. He is one of the few to capture the underside of New Orleans life with its fervor, trials, triumphs, and disappointments. . . . For anyone who would hope to understand the Crescent City’s literary underground and a partial complement of its diverse denizens during the 1960s, Bohemian New Orleans is a vital contribution. "
- Edward F. Haas, Louisiana History

"This truly is a remarkable book that will appeal to fans of 1960s literati in America and the small presses who published them. Most importantly, however, Bohemian New Orleans serves as an homage to New Orleans itself, and brings to light the story of Jon and Louise Webb, who risked everything for each other and for the love of their art. "
- Alan May, New Orleans Review

"The story of the Outsider and Loujon Press is exhilarating and even inspirational, with Jon Webb’s indomitable belief in literature as a means of life setting a standard for true believers. Yet an undeniable sense of tragedy weaves throughout this book, because the real cost of art is always immeasurable. "
- C. Natale Peditto, Rain Taxi Review

"Bohemian New Orleans is well researched and informative, yet intimate and charming. Before coming to the creation of the press and magazine that made the Webbs famous, we are taken through their lives separate and together, but always fascinating and romantic in the face of constant and almost comical hardship. The introduction takes us through the history of the small press and of the underground literary magazines that began with the modernists, stumbled in forties, and flourished post-war with the Beats and the ‘mimeograph revolution’. . . . Weddle presents these unique characters beautifully, using their story to weave the history of magazines, and then of New Orleans. "
- David S. Wills,

"Read Jeff Weddle’s outstanding biography Bohemian New Orleans: The Story of the ‘Outsider’ and Loujon Press and nod in approval at the gamut of famous writers Loujon published—Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Langston Hughes, Diane di Prima, Allen Ginsberg, Robert Creeley, LeRoi Jones (now known as Amiri Baraka), and William S. Burroughs, among many others. "
- Nathan C. Martin, Pelican Bomb

"As Edwin Blair, the Webbs’ longtime friend, collector, and supporter, told Weddle, ‘This was a romantic couple. This was La Bohème, people giving up everything for art. ’ It is also a great and important New Orleans story that has found, in Jeff Weddle, a worthy chronicler and champion. "
- Susan Larson, New Orleans Times-Picayune

"Bohemian New Orleans: The Story of the ‘Outsider’ and Loujon Press is a muted trumpet-moan, a woeful but quietly triumphant wail about a now-forgotten literary mag (the Outsider) and its struggling mimeograph-era publisher, Loujon Press. Get your kicks with Jon and Louise ‘Gypsy Lou’ Webb—bohemians themselves, outsiders both—as they dream, shock, and heroically toil for Art through ‘Beat-generation’ New Orleans in the 1940s, ’50s, and ’60s. "
- David Wyman, Alabama Writers' Forum

From the Producer: The Outsiders of New Orleans: LouJon Press
In the documentary The Outsiders of New Orleans: Loujon Press, Louise “Gypsy Lou” Webb, now well into her nineties, tells the story of how she and her husband Jon Webb published the avant-garde literary magazine The Outsider from a small apartment in the French Quarter in the early 1960’s. By day Gypsy Lou sold paintings on a street corner, and by night she set the type that introduced the world to the beat poet Charles Bukowski whose work Jon Webb also chose for their first two Loujon Press books- It Catches My Heart In It’s Hands and Crucifix in a Deathhand. The books are now rare collectibles, along with two others by Henry Miller, also hand-crafted and published by the Webbs.

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