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Hanging Loose -- Two First Appearance Charles Bukowski Poems (1971)

Hanging Loose -- Two First Appearance Charles Bukowski Poems (1971)

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This is an unusual little item from Hanging Loose Press, Brooklyn, 1971. It is an envelope that is filled with 2 unbound poems from Charles Bukowski and works from 26 other poets.

The two Bukowski poems include:

A Threat to My Immortality
The Garbageman

Both poems would later appear in Mockingbird Wish Me Luck (1972).

There are also two small announcements for Bukowski’s first novel Post Office.

I would call them broadsides, but the printing is on both sides of the pages.

The envelope itself has some creases on the top and bottom and the rear has some sunning. Bukowski sheets with poems themselves look like new.

Founded in New York by Dick Lourie in 1966, Hanging Loose was designed to easily integrate each poem into the daily life of its reader, it didn’t fit the traditional definition of a magazine. Instead, it was made up of a sheaf of loose pages enclosed within a cover envelope. Any poem that deeply affected or impressed someone could be removed from the envelope and tacked up on a wall or refrigerator, pasted on the cover of a notebook, or otherwise made available for easy, repeated reading.

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