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Framed Stark Naked

Framed Stark Naked

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I’ve got nothin’ on this one. Zero.

I bought it from a guy who had some really rare Bukowski items, including the printing blocks from All The Assholes In The World And Mine.

I do know that the poem was later collected as Stark Dead in Open All Night (2007), with the usual John Martin edits.

There is no imprint, probably out of fear John Martin or Ecco would come after the press, and there is no date either.

I’m 100% sure it’s not one of those eBay broadsides, like the ones that say, “Find What You Love and Let It Kill You”.

Regardless, it’s a really nice piece. The text block is not separate, it’s all one sheet. It measures approximately “11.5” x 14.75”. The paper is relatively thin, leading to some of the wrinkles/creases along the top and bottom edge.

I’m curious to see if I’ll ever see another one.

I’d rate it Near Fine-minus and good luck finding another one.

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