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Flyer and CD for Bukowski Reading at the Underwater Poetry Festival (1974)

Flyer and CD for Bukowski Reading at the Underwater Poetry Festival (1974)

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Produced by Charles Potts, the Underwater Poetry Festival in Salt Lake City on October 25, 1974. Potts was a fellow poet and the publisher of Litmus, which published the second edition of Bukowski’s “Poems Written Before Jumping Out Of An 8 Story Window” in 1975. He also published Litmus Loadstone, with Bukowski appearing in issue 11.

This package includes Flyer and a CD recording of the Underwater Poetry Festival

This CD is As-New and still in the shrink-wrap.

The flyer measure 8.5” x 11” and was folded once, so there’s a visible crease. There’s also a small crese on the lower right and a larger one on the top right. It appears it was printed on light yellow paper and there is light toning throughout.

The flyer provides the opportunity to buy advanced tickets. The price? “one thin dime…”

This recording was released in 2007 by The Temple/Litmus. Though not listed on the credits, that’s Potts’ voice on the opening comments of this recording.

From the Producer:
Recorded in Salt Lake City, Utah on October 5, 1974; produced for release by Charles Potts. "This never-before released recording of a 1974 poetry reading by world famous 20th century American poet Charles Bukowski (1922-1993) is one you'll have to stuff in your CD player as soon as you get it. In 1974, the intrepid Bukowski journeyed from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City to give a featured reading at the Underwater Poetry Festival, along with Alta, Ricardo Sanchez, and Andy Clausen. The recording of the reading given in the social work auditorium of the University of Utah survived in the archives of the Reverend Sherm W. Clow, President at the time of the renowned Litmus Inc., producer of the festival. It includes more than 20 poems with a table of contents, some introductory and closing patter by MC Charles Potts, and a reproduction of the poster from the UPF is the menu on the CD. Bukowski was just beginning to achieve the lasting fame that would come to him in the next two decades. Hear the man at his droll and noteworthy best."

The poems on this recording include:

Let's Be Original
The Mad Poet
Face Of A Political Candidate On A Street Billboard
Private First Class
The Sex Fiends
2 Horse Collars
Big Grey Balloon Things, Heavy
Piss And Shit
Now She Hates Me
The Spider
The Closing Of The Topless And Bottomless Bars
Well, Now That Ezra Has Died
Rexall Cut Rate 4:30 pm
Vacation In Greece
My Father's Big-Time Fling
Solid State Marty
Nothing Is As Effective As Defeat
The Word
No Cagney, Me

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