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EPOS Extra Issue: Poems and Drawings (1962)

EPOS Extra Issue: Poems and Drawings (1962)

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Published in 1962 by EPOS magazine, Poems and Drawings was billed as an “Extra” issue, but most consider it to be Charles Bukowski’s sixth book.

EPOS: A Quarterly of Poetry was a journal edited by Evelyn Thorne and Will Tullos out of Cresent City, Florida. The first issue appeared in Fall 1949 and was published until the 1970s. Bukowski would appear in 12 issues of EPOS between 1959 and 1970.

While Bukowski respected the editors for publishing consistently on time compared to other small presses, he didn’t care for the poems they published. The poems in the early issues of EPOS have a slightly different style, with Bukowski attempting to fit in to get published.

In addition to the poems listed below, there are three printed drawings, two of which are also quite different in style from other Bukowski drawings. They have an almost antiquity feel in their composition.

This copy is in Very Good ++ condition with bumps and creases to the oversized covers and some toning and embedded dust to the covers. Interior pages are bright and white and binding is solid.

The works in Poems and Drawings include:
With Vengeance Like A Tiger Crawls - pg. 4 - circa 1961
The Kings Are Gone - pg. 6 - circa 1961
I Have Lived In England - pg. 7 - circa 1961
Goldfish - pg. 9 - circa 1961
On Going Back To The Street After Viewing An Art Show - pg. 10 - circa 1961
Suicide - pg. 12 - circa 1961
Rose, Rose - pg. 14 - circa 1961
Bull - pg. 16 - circa 1961
Where They So Fondly Go - pg. 18 - circa 1961
Spite - pg. 19 - circa 1961
Love & Fame & Death - pg. 21 - circa 1961
The Gift - pg. 22 - circa 1961
A Word On The Quick And Modern Poem-Makers - pg. 24 - circa 1961
The Miracle - pg. 26 - circa 1961

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