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Drawings, Poems, Letters and Essays: Entire Book Devoted to Charles Bukowski

Drawings, Poems, Letters and Essays: Entire Book Devoted to Charles Bukowski

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Published in 1985, All’s Normal Here (technically Oro Madre Vol. 4, No. 1-4), was published by J. Glazier and his Rudy Duck Press. Glazier included Bukowski in two issues of his poetry journal Oro Madre, as well as the chapbooks Going Modern and All's Normal Here.

Spanning 110 pages, this is a large format (8.5"x 10.75"), perfect-bound book that contains a number of drawings by Bukowski, as well as 14 pieces by him, including poems, letters, and essays.

  • A Poem Is A City
  • About The Love Poems Of The Cat
  • Barred From The Polo Lounge
  • Here I Am
  • Poem For My 43rd Birthday
  • Rhyming Poem
  • Same Old Thing, Shakespeare Through Mailer
  • Style
  • The House
  • Upon The Mathematics Of The Breath And The Way

Other pieces range from assessments and testimonies to tributes and poems by Bukowski associates like Hugh Fox, Jack Micheline, Marvin Malone, Gerald Locklin, A.D. Winans, David Barker, Charles Potts, Ann Menebroker, Al Fogel and many more.

Unlike a lot of books, the writings about Bukowski are fairly interesting. Of the 110 pages of content, 90 percent is well worth reading, including a small piece on LouJon press and a bitter little note from John Martin.

The Bukowski letters are replicated in full, unlike the edited-down versions that were included in the later compilations.

Because of the black covers with a heavy coating, it’s hard to find copies without noticeable white creases on the covers. This copy is the best I’ve ever seen, with just a few scrapes here and there. All in all, Near Fine.

This is not exactly a well-produced book, but it is a definite read for all Charles Bukowski fans and collectors.

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