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Chrles Bukowski Signed Manuscript “Longshot” with Signed Book Scarlette (#20/140)

Chrles Bukowski Signed Manuscript “Longshot” with Signed Book Scarlette (#20/140)

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Longshot was written during Bukowski’s relationship with Pamela "Cupcakes" Miller. She would be the subject of Bukowski’s book Scarlet because of her long red hair, which Bukowski refers to in this poem as “like lightning from heaven”. Miller would also be the basis for one of the characters in Bukowski’s novel, Women.

Bukowski met Pamela Wood in November 1975 and the two had an up and down romance for over a year. When they met, Bukowski was finally on the outs of his years-long relationship with Linda King, who would have a miscarriage just a few weeks after Bukowski and Miller first met. Bukowski was obviously looking for someone whom he could love as much as King, but without the volatility. But like King, Miller’s younger age and Bukowski’s rampant insecurity would eventually doom the relationship.

In this poem, you can feel both Bukowski’s desire and trepidation for the relationship to continue, but you get the sense that Bukowski knows it’s already over.

Although Longshot would appear in “Love is a Dog From Hell” in 1977, I think the manuscript pairs more appropriately with his book Scarlette. It’s a rarer, more beautiful book anyway.

The manuscript is unfolded but has a crease on the top left above the staple. It is typed on thin carbon paper, so there are ripples under a light and carbon scratches on the second page (which almost look artistic). The poem is signed by Bukowski in blue ink and dated 6-5-76.

The book is in Near Fine condition with the stitched binding feeling slightly loose (aka not unread tight). The bottom of the pages are deckled and Bukowski has signed it in a bold blue marker. It is hand-numbered #20 out of 140 signed copies. Like many copies of the book, it also comes with an extra spine label, which would be perfect to use on a clamshell box. The mylar jack is aged and has a crease on the inside front flap, but it has accomplished what it was made to do: Preserve the beauty of the book.

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