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Choice No. 2 -- First Appearance 9 Rings (1962)

Choice No. 2 -- First Appearance 9 Rings (1962)

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Published in 1962, Choice No. 2 featured the Bukowski poem, 9 Rings.

The poem would later appear in It Catches My Heart In Its Hands (1963) and

The Roominghouse Madrigals (1988)

Contributors include R. Ammons, James Bonk, Marvin Bell, Brother Antoninus, David Cohen, Robert Creeley, James Dickey, Clayton Eshleman, George Hitchcock, Galway Kinnell, Lewis Turco, Richard Wilbur, Robert Bly, Paul Carroll, Gene Frumkin, and Logan.

Published in Chicago, Choice: A Magazine of Poetry and Photography, was a thick, stylish cultural journal presented in a book-like format. Bukowski would appear in three issues.

This copy is in Near Fine condition with some slight edge wear and a difficult-to-spot library stamp.

Overall, a solid copy of this poetry journal out of Chicago.

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