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Charles Bukowski Portrait in Tiny Splendor Anthology

Charles Bukowski Portrait in Tiny Splendor Anthology

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Unless they’re by Robert Crumb, I don’t usually get excited about portraits of Charles Bukowski, but Tiny Splendor Anthology features a really true-to-life one (and a not-so-great one).

This issue also contains a lot of great, beautifully crafted pieces that are printed extremely well.

This copy is in Fine condition.

From the publisher
Tiny Splendor started in 2012 as a tiny collective, traveling around sharing our and our friends’ artwork out of a small wooden fold-up gallery. We’ve since grown into two separate studios, one in Berkeley and one in Los Angeles, providing print and publishing services to artists locally and from around the world. We continue to pursue self-publishing and a love of ink on paper, producing print editions, zines, books, apparel and more.

Our Los Angeles studio is run by Cynthia T Navarro.

Our Berkeley studio, also called Max’s Garage Press, is run by Max Stadnik and Sanaa Khan.

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