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Charles Bukowski Introduction to John William Corrington’s Mr. Clean

Charles Bukowski Introduction to John William Corrington’s Mr. Clean

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Published in 1964, Bukowski wrote a one-page introduction for Mr. Clean and other poems by John William Corrington.

Bukowski was introduced to Corrington through LouJon Press publisher Jon Edgar Webb. LouJon was published in New Orleans and Corrington was close by, teaching at Louisiana State University before moving to Loyola University New Orleans in 1966.

The correspondence was very fast and furious between 1963-1965. They wrote very lengthy letters to one another. Bukowski allowed Corrington to pen the introduction to Bukowski's first true book, It Catches My Heart In Its Hands, published by LouJon in 1963. It was a glowing six-page lovefest.

The love fest ended somewhat abruptly when Bukowski met Corrington in person. It was 1965 and Bukowski was visiting New Orleans to finish off his second LouJon book, Crucifix In A Deathhand.

The two met at a party that Jon and Louise Webb threw. Another professor was inattendence and the two academics went into a boisterous conversation about University Life, inadvertently ignoring Bukowski who had looked forward to meeting Corrington after exchanging all those letters.

Even though he was drunk, Bukowski held his tongue that evening, perhaps out of respect for the Webbs. Corrington was clueless to the fact that Bukowski was angered. But realized something was wrong when Bukowski’s letters slowed down and were not as personal. By that time, Bukowski had already written the introduction to Mr. Clean. But Bukowski did miss the opportunity to write a poor review of Corrington’s next book.

This copy is in Very Good ++ condition with some light staining to the covers and a chip on the front cover. The pages are clean and white, and the binding is solid with no oxidation to the staples.

A bit more on Corrington is warranted. The information below is from Wikipedia.

After graduating from Tulane University Law School in 1975, Corrington joined a small New Orleans personal-injury law firm, Plotkin and Bradley, and spent the next three years practicing law. He gave up law in 1978, and his wife Joyce and he became head writers for daytime serials. The Corringtons scripted Search for Tomorrow (1978–80), Another World (1980), Texas (1980–81), General Hospital (1982), Capitol (1982–83) and One Life to Live (1984). They also wrote and produced Superior Court, a syndicated series (1986–89) for which they were each nominated twice for a Daytime Emmy Award.

He and his wife wrote five screenplays together, including Von Richthofen and Brown (1969), The Omega Man (1970),[4] Boxcar Bertha (1971), The Arena (1972), Battle for the Planet of the Apes (1973), and the classic television film, The Killer Bees (1974).

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