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Charles Bukowski: A Critical and Bibliographical Study (Third Printing)

Charles Bukowski: A Critical and Bibliographical Study (Third Printing)

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Hugh Fox, a fellow poet and early proponent of Bukowski’s work, wrote this first full-length critical analysis of Bukowski back in 1969, right before Bukowski began to take off in America.

It covers all of his workup to that point, from 1944’s Aftermath of a Lengthy Rejection Slip to 1968’s Poem’s Written Before Jumping Out of An 8 Story Window. It also includes a bibliography of his magazine appearances from 1944-1968.

Although a supporter of his work, Fox is also critical of some of Bukowski’s early work, so this isn’t a fan fest. It’s also not a completely boring thesis. The book is filled with excerpts from Bukowski’s poems on just about every page, followed by commentary. Personally, I learned a few things here and there from reading Fox’s book..

Bukowski, on the other hand, did not have appreciation for the book, as mentioned in several letters from “SCREAMS FROM THE BALCONY.” Basically, he found the book to academic in nature.

This is third printing, published by ABYSS Publications out of Somerville, Massachusetts.

This copy is in Very Good ++ condition. The staples have torn from the cover, but it’s still solidly attached. There’s toning and wear to the white covers and creases to the top-right corner.

Worth a read and a spot on your bookshelf.

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