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Bukowski On His Wedding Day (4.75” x 3.5”) by Michael Montfort

Bukowski On His Wedding Day (4.75” x 3.5”) by Michael Montfort

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This photograph of Bukowski was shot on the day of his wedding to Linda Lee Beighle.

It was taken by Michael Montfort in front of Bukowski’s San Pedro, California, home.

Photographs of this day were included in “The Wedding”, a photo documentary of the day published by Black Sparrow Press in an edition of only 40 copies, six of which were given to Bukowski.

This photograph was included in “X-Ray Spare Parts”, a collection of beautiful items produced by legendary Johnny Brewton and his X-Ray Book Co.

Montfort was Bukowski’s personal photographer, featuring fine photographs of Bukowski in five books, including Shakespeare Never Did This. Montfort was also responsible for almost all of the biographical photographs that were included in Bukowski’s Black Sparrow Press books. Bukowski chose Montfort because he had a way of capturing him in his natural state, like a fly on the wall.

This copy has the X-Ray Spare Parts sticker on the back with the photo credit for Montfort. It was printed on AGFA film paper.

Paper size is approximately 4.75” x 3.5”. Image size is approximately 4.5” x 3” with a border.

A very nice composition capturing a special day in Bukowski’s life.

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