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Bukowski on Bukowski: Bukowski Quotes with CD

Bukowski on Bukowski: Bukowski Quotes with CD

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This baby’s been around for a while. It’s obviously a work of love from a Bukowski fan. It has a zine-like design and contains Bukowski quotes on all kinds of topics. It’s a fun chapbook for Bukowski fans or people who want to learn more about Bukowski.

But what makes this chapbook special is the accompanying CD audio recording. This is a home recording made by Bukowski in 1970 that was later released in 1985 as Cassette (and later CD) titled NOLA Express and in 1995 as a bootleg titled King of Poets.

This is probably the least expensive way to purchase this classic recording.

This is a brand-new copy with a price tag remnant on the plastic envelope.

Here is the playlist:

When All The Animals Lie Down Audio
A Smart Girl
The Light Of Jesus
The Pleasures
Rejoice And Asunder
A Northern Acquaintance
The Grammar Of Life
My Father
Soup, Cosmos And Tears
Life Of The King
Only The Truly Lost
A Need For Glue
Hammer And Leash
Another Academy
The Solar Mass: Soul: Genesis And Geotropism
The Lesbian
The Night I Killed Tommy
The Lady With The Legs
Like That
A Warm Afternoon Just Off Sunset Boulevard
The Mystery Of
Plants Which Easily Winter Kills Audio
Down Like Stairways, Up Like Smoke
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