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Bukowski in Bronze: Photo by Michael Montfort

Bukowski in Bronze: Photo by Michael Montfort

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Back in 1994, Bukowski’s former lover Linda King produced a limited-edition number of replicas of the bronze bust she made of Bukowski back in 1971. There were 20 numbered busts created, each numbered. This is a promotional piece for the sale.

During the hours it took for King to study Bukowski and create the sculpture, Bukowski slowly seduced King, who was much younger. This was the spark that started their years-long tumultuous relationship.

The promotion piece is printed on heavy stock and measures approximately 11.25” x 8.5”. There is a noticeable crease above the photograph.

The photograph is by Michael Montfort, Bukowski’s personal photographer. It is print affixed to the promotional piece and measures approximately 5” x 3.5”.  It is in perfect condition.

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