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Bukowski: Friendship, Fame & Bestial Myth (Singed by Sherman #16/500)

Bukowski: Friendship, Fame & Bestial Myth (Singed by Sherman #16/500)

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How much do I hate this book? Let me count the ways…

It’s mainly because of Jory Sherman’s incredibly large ego.

Having said that, the chapbook contains some Bukowski letters to Sherman and some interesting photographs.

There’s also an advertisement for the NOLA Express version of a 1970 Bukowski home recording.

When you read Bukowski letters in the Black Sparrow Press books, you get the feeling that Bukowski never liked Sherman and only used him for his connections.

This copy is hand-numbered #16/500 and is inscribed and dated  April 16, 1982.

This copy is in Very Good ++ condition with a large ding/crease on the bottom right that travels the entire length of the book.

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