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Bukowski: “90 Minutes in Hell” Vinyl LP (1977)

Bukowski: “90 Minutes in Hell” Vinyl LP (1977)

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This is the second Bukowski recording Steve Richmond released from his Earth Books shop and label. The first LP came out in 1968 and featured Bukowski on one side and Richmond on the other. Only 100 copies were made of that LP and very few seem to still be around, making it one of the rarest Bukowski works.

Bukowski was much more well-known in 1977 when “90 Minutes in Hell” came out and Richmond was more ambitious. Not only were 500 copies produced, but it was also a double album this time around.

Although it was released in 1977, it’s actually a home recording Bukowski made back in 1966. Although invited many times, Bukowski never recorded in an actual studio, feeling he’d choke while reading with other people around and embarrass himself.

Lawrence Robbin took the four photographs that appear on the covers.

Like the first record, the only distribution point was his Earth Rose bookshop, making this record somewhat rare as well.

I don’t have the experience to grade vinyl records, but here is my description. There are small bumps on all four corners, the two on the right more pronounced. There is some inevitable rubbing to the white covers, but it’s very light and only in a few spots. There are a few scuffs that can be seen on the photographs, but they are very light. There is a light circle on the bottom rear cover, but none of the front. This may be strange to say, but overall, it feels more solid than the usual double LP.

The sleeves have folds from inserting the records in the covers over the years, but I wouldn’t doubt they came that way. The labels are bright and clean. Again, I’m no expert, but the records themselves look very clean with no stand-out scratches.

Here is the reading list:

  • Buffalo Bill
  • A Little Atomic Bomb
  • The Hairy Hairy Fist, And Love Will Die
  • An Action Afternoon
  • Finish
  • No Charge
  • Love Is A Piece Of Paper Torn To Bits
  • Something For The Touts, The Nuns, The Grocery Clerks And You
  • Song For Sadists Without A Place To Sit Down
  • The Genius Of The Crowd
  • Farewell, Foolish Objects
  • Experience
  • At The End Of Feet The Blackbird Walks
  • Man In The Sun
  • Sing To Gods Or Kangaroos
  • The Japanese Wife
  • The Curtains Are Waving And People Walk Through The Afternoon Here And In Berlin And In New York City And In Mexico
  • Freedom
  • True Story
  • No Lady Godiva
  • A Report Upon The Consumption Of Myself
  • I Was Born To Hustle Roses Down The Avenues Of The Dead
  • No Hole In The Sky
  • Notes of a Dirty Old Man
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