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Bukoski at Bellevue DVD: Bukowski’s Forth Reading

Bukoski at Bellevue DVD: Bukowski’s Forth Reading

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This is a DVD of Charles Bukowski’s fourth reading ever. It took place on My 30, 1970, at Bellevue Community College in Washington State.

The reading was filmed at the last minute by some students. It’s a bit shaky at times and there’s a couple of 3-5 second film disruptions here and there, but it is well worth watching the younger Bukowski hold court. While he’s having a sip here and there from a canister, he is very much collected, sensitive to his young college audience, and while a bit nervous, reads his poems like he probably thought professional writers should read at the time.

The DVD looks like it has a few small scratches but should play as if new. It comes in a high-quality case, with tough plastic and a button that releases the CD from the case.

Note: Should any used CD or DVD recording have issues while playing, I will refund your money and you can keep the CD/DVD.

From the Producer:
“In the Spring of 1970 CHARLES BUKOWSKI, then little known, packed his overnight bag, locked the door of his tumbledown East Hollywood apartment behind him, and took his first plane ride to the state of Washington to read at Bellevue Community College.

This pioneer reading (only his fourth ever) was videotaped in black-and-white using two cameras by students and the film lay forgotten for 18 years.

While the technical aspects of this film are shaky, all of this one-hour reading comes through loud and clear. Here is Bukowski, at mid-life but at the beginning of a great career, reading powerfully and with grit and humor.

A once in-a-lifetime moment has been rediscovered.”

The reading list includes:

  • Eighteen (excerpt from "Short Non-Moon Shots to Nowhere")
  • Soup, Cosmos And Tears
  • I Think Of The Little Men
  • Like That
  • Another Academy
  • My Father
  • The Lesbian
  • The Night I Killed Tommy
  • A Last Shot On Two Good Horses
  • Drawing Of A Band Concert On A Matchbox
  • Kaakaa And Other Immolations
  • I Wanted To Overthrow The Government But All I Brought Down Was Somebody's Wife
  • Fire Station (For Jane, With Love)
  • Something For The Touts, The Nuns, The Grocery Clerks And You
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