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Barbet Schroeder & Bukowski on the Barfly Set (1987)

Barbet Schroeder & Bukowski on the Barfly Set (1987)

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This is a beautiful photograph of Barbet Schroeder and Charles Bukowski on the set of Barfly in 1987. Bukowski did a cameo in the movie sitting at the bar.

The hand-written notes on this photograph make it confusing.

KOBAL refers to John Kobal, who accumulated over 6,000 such photographs from Hollywood films from approximately 1916 to the late twentieth century. The John Kobal Foundation was set up to continue the work of its eponymous founder, who lived from 1940–1991. Which makes the photograph even more curious since it is stamped March 1994.

I contacted the foundation to confirm the photograph was not taken by Kobal despite the copyright symbol next to his name. The photograph may have been taken by Andrew Cooper, who was responsible for some of the Cannon Films publicity photos for the movie. But the style looks a little different to me.

The photograph measures approximately 8” x 10”. The image size measures approximately 6” x 9.5”.

This is a striking photograph with a great composition.

In have no qualifications to grade fine photography, but this one looks Fine to me.

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