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AS BUDDHA SMILES: John Martin’s Copy, Signed by John Martin

AS BUDDHA SMILES: John Martin’s Copy, Signed by John Martin

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Here’s another beautiful production by the legendary Bill Roberts and his Bottle of Smoke Press. Bottle of Smoke Press has produced eight Bukowski broadsides since 2003, as well as countless other artists.

Published in 2003, AS BUDDHA SMILES consists of a wrap-around band securing a two-part clear plastic case. The case contains 22 printed cards (title, colophon, and 20 cards of verse) printed on different colors that measure approximately 3.75 x 2.5”. Each card features a different Bukowski quote.

Only 100 copies were produced, 74 numbered and 26 lettered.This is not one of those.

The colophon states “This is copy John Martin’s Copy”, where the number or letter is for the other copies appeared. See image for formatting. Instead of a suede band like the other copies, Bill created a cork version just for Martin.

I purchased this copy from Scott Harrison, former owner of ABANDONED PLANET BOOKS in San Francisco. ABANDONED PLANET BOOKS specialized in Bukowski works and Scott Harrison is know for selling a large amount of Bukowski manuscripts in the late 1990s.

I purchased this copy before Scott paid a visit to Martin, who signed it. Scott gave me the same price with it signed. Thanks Scott! He’s still doing some Bukowski business here and there, so look out for his offerings,

Even though it’s exquisite, I’m still somewhat surprised how collectable and sought-after this piece has been in recent years. I dare say this is the most collectible now and years to come.

This copy is in Fine condition with a few light scratches on the plexiglass case. If you find yourself a case with no scratches, you’ve found yourself a Unicorn.

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