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A Good Day To Die: One Charles Bukowski Poem (1984)

A Good Day To Die: One Charles Bukowski Poem (1984)

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Published in late 1984, A Good Day To Die was published by John Bennette and his legendary Vagabond Press. Unlike Vagabond magazine, this was a one-off anthology dedicated to Gerry Reith, a revolutionist of sorts who died at his writing desk from a self-inflicted gunshot to the head. He was 25.

Bukowski contributes one poem, Result, which appeared in War All The Time.

Contributors include Charles Bukowski, T. L. Kryss, Gerry Reith, Ann Menebroker, Judson Crews, Gene Fowler, Lynne Savitt, et al.

If you are a fan or collector of Vagabond Press, this scarce anthology is a must-have.

This copy is in Near Fine condition.

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