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Wormwood Review 8 #339/500 -- Variant with Hand-Colored Cover (1962)

Wormwood Review 8 #339/500 -- Variant with Hand-Colored Cover (1962)

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Published in 1962, Wormwood Review 8 would mark Charles Bukowski’s second appearance in Wormwood Review.

Bukowski’s first appearance was in Wormwood 7. Most of the covers for that issue were hand-colored by Editor Marvin Malone and his children.

Although I’ve never seen another example, this copy of Wormwood 8 appears to show Malone attempted to continue the tradition, at least with this copy. The nine circles in the larger image have been hand-decorated in orange/red.

The condition of this copy is in itself a rarity. The white covers are amazingly bright and white with little wear. There is a tiny bit of crease to the bottom edge of the rear cover, but it’s barely noticeable. Because of the oversized covers, most copies have at least some noticeable bumps or creases. Overall, in Fear Fine + condition.

This copy is hand-numbered, #339 out of 500 copies.

Two Charles Bukowski poems appear in this issue.

For Jane
The Sharks

For Jane is one of Bukowski’s most celebrated poems, appearing in five Bukowski collections, including The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over The Hills (1969), Run With the Hunted (1993), The Pleasures of the Damned (2007), On Love (2016), and Essential Bukowski: Poetry (2016).

The Sharks would also appear in The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over The Hills (1969).

Wormwood Review was published by the legendary Marvin Malone (1930-1996). Malone was a pharmacologist, scientific researcher, educator, artist, poetry collector, and editor. Upon arrival to Storrs, Connecticut in 1960, Malone discovered the second issue of Wormwood Review and soon took over the publication as the sole editor, publisher, and designer (alias A. Sypher), producing quarterly issues until his death in 1996.

Wormwood Review ran for 144 issues (1959-1997). Christa Malone, Marvin's daughter, co-edited issue 144 after Marvin's death, and released issue 145/146 as a special tribute issue to Marvin in 1999.

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