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Special Bukowski Issue: Signed By Charles Bukowski On the Cover

Special Bukowski Issue: Signed By Charles Bukowski On the Cover

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Published in 1973, Second Coming VOL II, NO III, was dedicated entirely to Bukowski.

This is the Special Charles Bukowski Issue with Poems, Letters, Essays and Short Stories by Bukowski and commentary from friends and associates, including detractors.

Bukowski has signed this copy on the cover with his signature Little Man with a Bottle drawing.

his copy is in Near Fine condition with a very light amount of toning to the covers and a small bump to the lower-right corner. The interior pages are white, bright and clean.

Second Coming VOL II, NO III, captures Bukowski right at the moment he begins to finally get some notoriety for his writing. He’s fighting with Harold Norse who thinks Bukowski sabotaged his career. He’s quarrelling with his lover Linda King, who hates him but can’t get enough of him at the same time. His poems and stories are paid tribute by his peers. And his antics are becoming the stuff of legend.

In this 72-page chapbook, Bukowski contributes over a dozen pieces, including poems, letters, essays and stories. Of particular note are “Love Poem to Marina” (a poem to his infant daughter), the infamous short story “Six Inches” and his biblical essay to his critics, "He Beats His Women."

His work is also displayed in tributes from Jack Micheline, Harold Norse, Jerry Kamstra, Gerald Locklin, Hugh Fox, Neeli Cherry, Linda King, and John Martin.

Second Coming Press was a San Francisco-based small press founded by A. D. Winans that was in existence from 1972 to 1989. Bukowski would appear in 10 issues of Second Coming between 1972 and 1986.

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