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Signed Bukowski at Bellevue (#42/100)

Signed Bukowski at Bellevue (#42/100)

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In the spring of 1970 Charles Bukowski took his first plane trip for a poetry reading at Bellevue Community College in Washington state. That he was videotaped by two students apparently was later forgotten, but the tapes were later rediscovered and were released by Black Sparrow press 1998.

This is the limited-edition copy of the VHS tape, signed by Charles Bukowski. Only 100 copies were signed, this being hand-numbered #42.

The gold seal has been broken, but is still attached. The entire package is in Near Fine condition, although I have not watched the tape. If it was played, it wasn’t played much.

This is Bukowski, then about 50, reading professionally to the students. No shouts from the audience, no back-and-forth banter, no profanity. Bukowski is just an ordinary-looking guy, maybe hungover, sitting before a small group of students reading his work with gusto, humor and sensitivity. 

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