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ONTHEBUS -- Two Poems, One First Appearance (1990)

ONTHEBUS -- Two Poems, One First Appearance (1990)

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Published in 1990, ONTHEBUS No. 6/7 featured the Bukowski poems:

  • Old Man, Dead In A Room
  • The Gigantic Thirst

Old Man, Dead In A Room first appeared in Run With the Hunted in 1962.

The Gigantic Thirst later appeared in The People Look Like Flowers At Last (2007) and On Drinking (2019).

This copy is in Near Fine condition.

ONTHEBUS was published by Jack Grapes. He first started corresponding with Bukowski in 1965 after being introduced to him by Jon and Louise Webb of LouJon press. Grapes was a close friend with Jon Webb and he and Bukowski were the only ones allowed in the Webb’s home while they were working furiously to complete CRUCIFIX IN A DEATHHAND. Their correspondence went on for over 30 years.

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