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King of Poets: 1970 Home Recording

King of Poets: 1970 Home Recording

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This is the same recording and track list as is the CD that accompanies “Charles Bukowski in His Own Words” and the scarce Cassette Gazette from NOLA Express (1985)                                  

Released in 1995, King of Poets is a bootleg put out by Chinaski Records out of Berlin.

The CD case has the usual scratches and the locking mechanism for holding the CD is broken but can probably be easily fixed. The package has the usual edgewear and general wear from removing it from the case and putting it back. The CD itself look pretty clean.

Note: Should any used CD recording have issues while playing, I will refund your money and you can keep the CD.

The track list includes:

  • When All The Animals Lie Down
  • A Smart Girl
  • The Light Of Jesus
  • The Pleasures
  • Rejoice And Asunder
  • A Northern Acquaintance
  • The Grammar Of Life
  • My Father
  • Soup, Cosmos And Tears
  • Life Of The King
  • Only The Truly Lost
  • A Need For Glue
  • Hammer And Leash
  • Another Academy
  • The Solar Mass: Soul: Genesis And Geotropism:
  • The Lesbian
  • The Night I Killed Tommy
  • The Lady With The Legs
  • Photo
  • Like That
  • A Warm Afternoon Just Off Sunset Boulevard
  • The Mystery Of
  • Plants Which Easily Winter Kills
  • Bad
  • Down Like Stairways, Up Like Smoke
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